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Welcome To Event Safety Alliance Canada

In November 2018, I attended my fourth Event Safety Summit at Rock Lititz, Pennsylvania. The Summit is organized annually by Event Safety Alliance (ESA) in the United States, which has membership of over 500 professionals active in event management and safety. As these Summits always are, it was an inspiring few days of presentations, discussions and general hanging out with like-minded people who care about keeping events safe as much I do.

I arrived home determined to make more event safety learning opportunities available to my Canadian friends. And so I took the next logical step: in January 2019, I arranged an agreement for a Canadian chapter of the ESA.

What is Event Safety Alliance Canada all about?
  • We will provide high quality health and safety learning opportunities to Canadian arts, entertainment and live event communities.
  • We strive to share expertise, solutions and reasonable practices based on Canadian needs and legislation.
  • Our goal is to prevent injuries and incidents, and protect both people and events.
  • By maintaining a strong relationship with the ESA, we will participate in the development of global resources to address industry challenges.

Thank you!

On Wednesday, April 3, 2019, with the support of our generous sponsors and partners, the inaugural Event Safety Alliance Canada Conference 2019 was held at the Art Gallery of Ontario in Toronto, Ontario.

Over 170 people from the arts, entertainment and live event communities came together to learn from our roster of expert speakers and make connections with each other. We welcomed production suppliers, event production companies, venues, festivals, municipalities, labour organizations, engineers and insurers all dedicated to making our shows and events safer.

Watch for news of future events. This conversation continues!

Be safe,
Janet Sellery
Chair, Event Safety Alliance Canada

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